You have probably tried several hair loss products, only to have them fail. Most of them did nothing for you, as well as being inconvenient to use. You wouldn’t be here if you were satisfied with them, right?

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An estimated two-thirds of all men will experience significant hair loss by the age of sixty. Of this number, more than nine out of ten will be due to male pattern baldness. This type of balding begins at the temples and on the crown with the hair gradually thinning and disappearing over time.

It isn?t unusual for men to feel as though their hair loss is a normal act of nature that they have few options to change. Decades of research have failed to produce proof that a single factor is to blame for the hair loss so many men experience. This is because there are multiple contributing factors that need to be addressed before thinning hair can be stopped and reversed.

What is known is that male pattern baldness is associated with the aging process. The scalp ages twelve times faster than the skin on the body and six times faster than that on the face. The aging process results in a reduction in hair follicles, leading to a loss of hair. The number of blood vessels in the outer layer of the skin is also reduced, resulting in a loss of hair color.

Another known cause of hair loss is from the presence of male sex hormones, called androgens. Research has shown that dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a byproduct of testosterone production, is present in the hair follicles of men with hair loss. Other causes that are often overlooked when formulating products for hair loss treatment are genetics and inflammation.


Follione products are formulated to address all of the causes of hair loss. They target known aging markers in tissues including inflammation, circulation, thickening of the galea, collagen production, and many other changes that coincide with the aging process and that of balding.

Inflammation to the scalp, regardless of its causes, exacerbates hair loss.
Over time the scalp has fewer hair follicles and this leads to hair thinning and balding. The number of blood vessels in the dermis begins to drop whilst at the same time the hair often loses its color.
Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) seems to be a main player in male pattern baldness, and higher circulating DHT levels are correlated with a higher rate of hair loss in those susceptible to the effects of DHT.
Sunlight causes photoaging in our hair just as it ages our skin, but can it actually cause hair loss? Although hair actually serves to protect the scalp from UV radiation, research evidence suggests that it cannot completely protect the scalp and hair follicles from UV damage that may trigger or exacerbate conditions that lead to hair loss.
Reactive oxygen species (ROS), also called free radicals, damage healthy tissue by oxidizing cellular molecules such as DNA, proteins, and membrane lipids. This phenomenon is known as ?oxidative stress? or ?oxidative damage.?
Environmental toxins can get right into scalp follicles destroying follicle tissues and hair cells. As a result, it can slow down hair growth significantly and even provoke rapid hair loss.
Nutritional deficiencies may be the cause of some cases of hair loss so if your hair is thinning or you?re losing it, you may be lacking in essential vitamins.


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