About Us

Welcome To One Green Lab!

Our story begins, like most great stories do, with a problem. One that is very common nowadays:

hair loss. Due to the stressful, anxiety-ridden lifestyle we lead, usually combined with unhealthy

dietary habits and smoking, hair thinning and loss is a frequent condition many people over 30

years old have to face.

And that?s where One Green Lab enters!

FolliOne includes a series of hair loss treatment products, aiming at helping you strengthen and

regrow your hair, by rejuvenating your scalp, blocking DHT, and stimulating your hair follicles!

Our Core Values; Integrity, Honesty & Efficiency!

We are a growing, UK business in the cosmeceutical world. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products

that contain bioactive ingredients purported to have medicinal or drug-similar properties and

benefits ? in other words, beauty and science combined!

Our goal is to offer you a wide variety of high-quality products, but without hiding a single

ingredient from you; ALL bioactive ingredients of our products are clearly listed for our clients to


Moreover, we are dedicated to providing you with the BEST customer support service. For any

question, thought, or idea you may have, our customer support team is constantly at your disposal

? any time you need us, we are there!

We are Just Getting Started!

Our clients? loyalty and trust are chief among the reasons we have come so far ? but this is only

the beginning ? the cosmeceutical world is yet to be explored, and One Green Lab is its No1


Welcome To Six From Two ? We are Proud To Have You On Board!