Dimethyl Isosorbide DMI


A Novel & Advanced Delivery System

DMI helps get the active ingredients in FolliOne products down toward the root of your hair follicles, pushing them deeper into the skin. That means that no ingredient goes to waste, and you actually get the full value of your treatment.

DMI also prevents the formula from turning into a hard crystal-like residue on your scalp, so you don?t end up with a bunch of wasted product on your skin. And if DMI sounds like a harsh chemical, don?t worry. It is made from corn syrup, and it has been FDA approved for many different skin care products.

Overall, DMI is a powerhouse in our formula that we just couldn?t leave out.

Dimethyl Isosorbide DMI is a high purity solvent and carrier that offers a safe, effectively delivery enhancement system for the active ingredients in Follione products. It reduces the thickness of viscous substances and has the ability to dissolve excessive loose fat in the skin in order to carry ingredients across the skin?s membrane. In addition to improving their effectiveness, the use of DMI to enhance epidermal penetration reduces the amount of active ingredients that is required to achieve desired experiences; thusly resulting in lower formulation costs and less skin irritation from potent active ingredients. DMI is also naturally derived from renewable corn syrup. This means that DMI offers:

Enhanced penetration of active ingredients into the epidermis, thereby allowing them to reach areas that would otherwise be left untreated.
Improved shelf stability of the active ingredients, including those that are usually susceptible to hydrolysis and transesterification.
Heightened miscibility in water, most organic solvents, and non-ionic surfactants.
The ability to transport water soluble active ingredients into skin without the occurrence of recrystallization.



DMI brings the active ingredients deeper into the skin, allowing for a more thorough treatment of every follicle.


If it sounds like a serious chemical, don?t worry. It?s actually just made from corn syrup through a sustainable process, so it?s good for you and the environment.

Our hair growth formula has been designed from the ground up based on an extensive review of scientific and clinical research, and with every detail taken into consideration.

Only the most effective, healthy, and clinically proven ingredients have been chosen for the formulation, and the result is a powerful combination of hair growth enhancing components for any guy who wants fuller, thicker hair.

Topical delivery efficacy with a hydrophilic active
  • Stratum corneum
  • Epidermis
  • Bloodstream