Hair Loss and Scalp Inflammation: Treatment and Explanation

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Hair is one of the vital parts of the integumentary system. It requires meticulous and regular care. To understand more about the importance of hair, we need to first understand its main functions:

  • Protects the body from foreign matter
  • Serves as the thermoregulator of the body (maintains body temperature)
  • Makes the process of sweat evaporation easy
  • Provides aesthetic and beauty

Hair maintenance is as important as its function, therefore it is important to not ignore hair conditions like scalp inflammation and hair loss. Some of these hair conditions need immediate attention and treatment.

Hair Loss

Alopecia is the medical term given to hair loss or pattern baldness. People experience hair loss due to a variety of reasons, such as skin infections and diseases or auto-immune inflammation. It is how the body responds to fight off bacteria and viruses.


Inflammation is the process of the immune system producing antibodies in response to the threat that might cause harm to the human body. It has five cardinal signs – redness, heat, swelling, pain, and loss of function. Hyperactive immune cells produce a high level of cytokine which results in inflammation. It is a type of protein that activates immunomodulating agents.

Scalp Inflammation

Autoimmune disease is a condition in which the immune system attacks and destroys healthy cells. This happens when the body’s defense mechanism recognizes that the normal and healthy cells are a foreign matter or a threat, which then leads to inflammation. This condition results in changes in the normal growth and function of organs.

In cases of hair loss, inflammation alters the normal growth processes of the follicles, thus damaging the scalp. It destroys hair follicles causing alopecia.

One of the rarest auto-immune disorders that results in scalp inflammation is Cicatricial alopecia or scarring alopecia.  In this condition, inflammation damages the stem cells and sebaceous glands of the hair follicles and scar tissues replace them. This hinders the regrowth of hair in the scalp.

Severe pain characterizes Cicatricial alopecia. Other symptoms include itching and burning sensations on the scalp, and sometimes noticeable hair patches. Medical professionals diagnose this condition through scalp biopsy, scalp evaluation, hair-pull test, and microscopic evaluation of the hair culture and sensitivity test.

The information gathered will help the physician on what type of treatment to provide. In some cases, there are possibilities of hair regrowth in Cicatricial alopecia if the underlying cause is treated and resolved.

Another example of an autoimmune disorder that also results in hair loss is alopecia areata. This happens when white blood cells surround the roots of hair follicles. In this case, inflammation destroys the roots that interfere with the supply of nutrients. It causes the hair to weaken and fall out in due time.

Effects of Hair Loss 

Psychologists say that hair is an expression of someone’s personality. Hair loss can be a significant problem for many, especially those who want to maintain a good image. It might lead to psychological and emotional problems such as anxiety and depression. These are the common problems that people who experience hair loss can encounter:

  • Low Self-Esteem and Loss of Confidence– Some people give importance to what people perceive about them. They try hard to look good, so other people appreciate them. A condition like hair loss could be very problematic for them. 

Hair loss can be a devastating situation for young people. They tend to feel that their condition is the end of their youthful years.

  • Anti-Social Behavior – Baldness and hair loss can cause social bullying and discrimination. For example, employers sometimes do not hire people with a noticeable hair patches or hair loss due to the impression that they look older than their age.

Some people experience criticisms because of how they look. As a result, they choose to be alone and stay away from people rather than to make new friends and mingle with other people.

  • Relationship Issues – Hair loss may significantly affect relationships. Loss of personal attraction and motivation to connect with people interferes with the chance of developing and maintaining a healthy relationship. In some couples, this results in temporary separation or break-up.
  • Work-Related Issues – If someone works in a public setting like a hotel or restaurant, hair loss can be a big problem. Being unsatisfied with how they perceive their image can lead to less motivation at work. Their work performance is affected which can cost them their job.


Hair loss can be permanent and might leave patches on the scalp. It is important to start aggressive treatment once scalp inflammation is identified to prevent further hair loss and damage. The type of treatment will always depend on the kind of cell causing the scalp inflammation.

In the treatment of minor scalp inflammation, you can use over-the-counter antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents. You have to consult your physician if there are no improvements. It is best to request a prescription for the more aggressive type of treatment or more severe scalp problem.

The Janus Kinase or JAK family has the four tyrosine kinase affiliates (JAK 1, JAK 2, JAK 3, and TYK 2). This element aids in the conversion of cytokines which is the leading cause of inflammation. Along with this JAK, inhibitors have been developed and are used potentially to treat alopecia areata and other hair loss and skin problems.


Follione products are known for treating all types of hair problems caused by inflammation, scalp aging, Dihydrotestosterone, ultraviolet radiation, free radicals, environmental toxins, and nutritional deficiencies. The products are composed of anti-inflammatory ingredients such as soy isoflavones, copper peptide, formononetin, Fisetin, and Troxerutin. These substances aid in the interference of the inflammation process that causes hair loss.

  • Soy Isoflavones

Soy Isoflavones significantly slow down the aging of the scalp. They also help increase the production of elastin and collagen in epidermal and fibroblast cells.

  • Fisetin

Fisetin is found in strawberries and it belongs to an anti-inflammatory flavonoid family. It is responsible for the suppression of UVB-induced collagen degradation. This process involves the destruction of dermal collagen due to the activation of fibroblasts by the ultraviolet B rays from the sun.

  • Copper Peptide

Copper peptide helps in the activation of skin repair. As copper peptide penetrates deeply into the scalp, it plays a part in skin rejuvenation. It also increases subcutaneous fat in the scalp to boost the volume and strength of the hair follicles.

  • Troxerutin

One of the primary reasons for hair loss is the destruction of HDP cells. These cells play a vital role in skin, hair and nail growth. Troxerutin is a naturally occurring type of flavonoid that is called a rutoside. This flavonoid fends off the H2O2-mediated reduction in viability to protect HDP cells.

In choosing what product to use for treatment and prevention, Follione brand is an expert in providing better and safe solution for any hair and skin issues caused by autoimmune diseases. The products made by Follione brand have been proven to be safe and effective.


As the cliché saying goes, “prevention is always better than cure.” There is always a way to prevent the worse by doing things better. You can avoid hair loss by doing the basic.

  • Proper Skin Hygiene Is a Must. Use safe and efficient products. You can choose Follione products in maintaining your hair. Follione provides a number of products that are soothing to the scalp and that create a very comfortable environment for the hair to grow. The products also help in refreshing and rejuvenating the scalp.


  • Hydration Is Important. Increasing fluid intake regulates the circulatory system that supplies nutrients to the hair follicles.


  • Avoid Unsanitary Items. Hair loss is not contagious, but sharing the use of personal items like combs and razors can spread infection. It is better to purchase your own hygiene kit and use it exclusively.


  • Increase Protein in Your Diet. High protein foods contain vitamin B12, which is required for the growth and reproduction of strong and healthy hair.


  • Avoid Stress if Possible. One of the causes of hair loss is stress. Meditating and converting a stressful situation into something active and productive can help you avoid hair loss. For example, you can talk to someone, write about the situation, or go to the gym and work it out.


  • Multivitamins and Supplements. Include vitamins A, E, B-complex and Omega -3 in your daily food supplement. These vitamins and minerals improve blood circulation that helps in strengthening hair follicles.


  • Massage Scalp With Essential Oils.This improves blood circulation and activates the hair follicles. Gently massage the scalp using oil for a few minutes.

Hair signifies a crowning glory for almost everybody, which is why careful consideration is needed to promote and maintain a healthy scalp. Hair loss can be avoided if you are aware of its effects and how it can be treated. In case of hair loss, do not feel sorry for it. There is still a way to prevent and minimize it.

Although many varieties of hair products are available in the market, some do not guarantee the safety of use. They can be harmful when used. Thus, one must choose the ideal product to use. Follione products offer a safe and trust solution to all of these hair problems.



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