Our Differences


Unlike other hair loss products that are unable to provide scientific evidence to support their pathway for treatment, Follione provides a list of ingredients that synergistically target all potential triggering factors of hair loss. Our formulas go beyond the DHT-blocking action of other hair loss products and treat all potential causes at once. Follione hair growth products have been designed from the ground up based on an extensive review of scientific and clinical research, and with every detail taken into consideration. Only the most effective, healthy, and clinically proven ingredients have been chosen for the formulation, and the result is a powerful combination of hair growth enhancing components for anyone who wants fuller, thicker hair.

Follione products are made using novel compounds and pure phytochemicals instead of plant extracts for much larger volumes of active ingredients than are found in plant extracts. We also use a unique delivery system to enhance penetration of actives to the skin. This allows for targeted delivery of the active ingredients to the area of the skin being treated. Other benefits include fewer instances of skin irritation and the option to transport water soluble actives into deeper layers of the skin without causing the active to recrystallize. This allows us to offer a line of water-based products that don?t feel greasy or sticky and that won?t dry the scalp.

Non-alcohol based formula

The non-alcohol based formula gently strengthens your scalp, allowing the ingredients to penetrate the scalp without evaporating or crystallizing.

Phytochemicals are non-nutritive plant chemicals that occur naturally in many of the foods we eat. There are many different phytochemicals which have a variety of functions that protect and prevent disease. Some work as antioxidants or have an effect on the actions of hormones. Others stimulate enzyme production that increases or decreases various functions. Some phytochemicals can reduce the enzyme that creates DHT to aid in the reduction of hair loss.

Water: A Surprisingly Powerful Ingredient. You may not expect water to be very important in our formula.But many alternative hair loss treatments are alcohol-based, which is a bad move. That?s because alcohol causes the formula to evaporate, so you don?t actually get the full use of the ingredients. Plus, alcohol dries your skin, which causes more irritation and flakes than you had to start with. Water may not grow your hair, but it?s definitely better than alcohol!

Phytochemicals vs Plant extracts vs Cosmetic extracts vs Plant powder

Formononetin 99%
Red Clover extract 40% isoflavones 8%
Red Clover cosmetic extract 1%
Red Clover plant 0.57%