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One Green Lab Ltd (“One Green Lab Ltd” – the company behind FOLLIONE®) is committed to ensuring satisfaction for all customers who purchase its products.

One Green Lab Returns Policy

Our returns policy for all One Green Lab products is as follows:
One Green Lab will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any unopened and unused product within 10 days from the date of purchase. For products bought under an auto-delivery programme, returns for more than one payment may be provided if requested within the standard 10-day return period.

If you decide to return an order for any reason, your credit card account will be fully credited for the amount of the purchase (excluding shipping and minus a handling charge of GBP 5.50).
E-mail to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorisation form. Unless otherwise indicated on the invoice you received with your package, return the bottle(s) with the unopened, unused contents to:

One Green Lab Ltd
77 High Street, Littlehampton, BN17 5AG, UK

You will have to pay for the return shipping postage yourself. If a parcel reaches us without sufficient postage we will have to deduct this from the refund.
Please keep the tracking number of the parcel in case the parcel is lost. We strongly advise to make any returns via a shipment method where you receive such a tracking number as we otherwise won’t be able to acknowledge the receipt of your parcel.

Defining Returns and Cancellations

When a customer reaches us by e-mail, our first response is to assist in getting technical support or customer service for the customer for the product that they purchased. However, in some cases a product may be unsatisfactory to the customer for reasons completely beyond our control, in which case a return or a cancellation may be processed.
If a customer requests a return, the money for the requested transaction is refunded back to the customer. If the return is for a product bought under an auto-delivery programme, then the returns policy allows for the most recent payment to be returned. Multiple payment returns can be provided as long as they are within One Green Lab Returns Policy. A return on a product bought as part of an auto-delivery programme will also result in a cancellation.
If customers request a cancellation for an auto-delivery programme, no future charges will be made to their account. A cancellation will not generate a return – it will only stop any future deliveries.

Details of the One Green Lab Returns Policy

Customers requesting a return after 10 days will be directed where applicable to the vendor for technical support or customer service. Vendors may request a return, on behalf of customers, of any purchase up to 10 days after the date of the customer’s purchase.

Returns will only be credited back to the account used to make the original purchase. If the original account has been closed, the purchase is not eligible for return.
As soon as a sale is returned to our return address, the customer receives a 100% refund of the product costs.

Please note: For our physical products we can only refund you for unopened and unused products. Products that have been opened or used are excluded from our refund policy. Please be advised that the breaking of a seal used on the outer packaging of our products shall be regarded as that the products have been opened.

Payouts from that sale are debited back out of the corresponding vendor and affiliate accounts.
Our vendors are not permitted to make any guarantee that conflicts with our return policy. If you find a product sold through websites with any warranty that conflicts with our return policy, please bring it to our attention so that we can take corrective action.

Reasons Why a Sale May Be Refunded

One Green Lab has every incentive to keep customers happy by providing quality products and service. To ensure customer satisfaction, One Green Lab reserves the right to reverse a sale, including but not limited to the following instances:

– If the customer provides a valid reason for requesting a return within 10 days of purchase;
– If the vendor of the product requests a return on the customer’s behalf within 10 days of purchase if our customer service team confirms there is a valid reason for the return;
– If the customer provides a valid report that the charge was fraudulent or unauthorized;
– In order to comply with credit card industry rules, ACH industry rules, PayPal terms of service, prevailing legislation, and requests from prevailing judicial or law enforcement agents; or
– For any other reason FOLLIONE® deems appropriate.
One Green Lab Cancellation Policy

A customer may cancel an auto-delivery programme at any time. A cancellation means that no future charges will be made to the customer’s account. The cancellation of an auto-delivery programme does not generate a refund.

Abuse of the Returns Policy

Customers requesting serial or repeated returns may be blocked from making further purchases.

Note to One Green Lab Customers

The Return Policy and the Cancellation Policy are part of, and incorporated within, the One Green Lab’ Terms of Service. As a condition of registering with One Green Lab and using the One Green Lab Services, you expressly acknowledge that you have read and understood the One Green Lab Returns Policy and One Green Lab Cancellation Policy and you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained within. If at any time you disagree with the One Green Lab Returns Policy and/or One Green Lab Cancellation Policy or any part of it, your sole remedy is to cease all use of the One Green Lab Services and terminate your account. Please note, however, that any transactions, which occurred prior to the date of such termination, shall be governed and controlled in full by the terms of this One Green Lab Returns Policy and One Green Lab Cancellation Policy.

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